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Leveraging Microsoft to Increase Your Digital Marketing Presence


Author: Anand Pandya

Everyone owns Microsoft technologies.  It might be “minimal” in the sense that you’ve got desktops, Office, Exchange, etc.  It might be that you’re a “full blown Microsoft shop”.   It might be anywhere in between, but everyone has a relationship with Microsoft technologies. Did you know you can leverage that relationship and investment to boost your digital presence?

In today’s world, the marketing experience breaks down into three overall areas. (Yes, I’m simplifying this.)

1) Outreach – How do I bring people to my website?

2) Engagement – How do I engage visitors when they visit my website?

3) Conversion/Measurement – How effective is my digital marketing presence and how is it converting into revenue?

It’s (usually) that straight forward.

Marketing departments usually utilize vendor-provided systems to handle these three things and then use any number of manual reports and analysis to “connect the dots” and marry marketing numbers to internal CRMs and LOB systems.   IT departments, not usually versed in the intricacies of the marketing process, tend to let marketing “do their thing” and utilize those vendor systems.

What a lot of organizations don’t know is they can do it all in-house and leverage their existing Microsoft relationship and licensing investments.  Microsoft Atlas, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft SQL Server (along with Dynamics CRM) can all be used in tandem to manage and optimize each area of the digital marketing process.

1) Outreach – Microsoft Atlas

2) Engagement – Microsoft SharePoint Server for Internet Sites / FAST Search Server for Internet Sites

3) Conversion/Measurement – Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft SQL Server (DMDF)

If you’ve got questions or want a deeper understanding of how Microsoft handles these three areas and digital marketing, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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