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Planning & Budgeting Framework v1.3 to launch soon!


GNet Group is proud to let you know that the next release of our Planning & Budgeting Framework is due soon!

Version 1: The initial implementation, done at the Wilder Foundation by GNet Group

Version 1.1:  Upgrading the framework with new technology! (December 2010)

      • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
      • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
      • Microsoft Office 2010

Version 1.2: New interfaces and Approval Queue Management! (March 2011)

      • Upgrades to the interface for easier navigation
      • Approval queue management, direct integration with Outlook and Exchange
      • Performance Optimization
      • And More!

Version 1.3: Overhauled Configuration Module! (May 2011)

      • A newly packaged configuration module with more control over administering and setting up the framework
      • Better control over codes, users, models and approval workflows
      • Better control over business rules
      • And More!

We have seen great progress in improving our P&B framework and making it into an enterprise class tool.  We’ve already had one large retail customer with over 200 stores across the US and Canada choose to implement our P&B framework over Hyperion.  The ease-of-use, ease-of-learning and ability to configure the tool for their processes, rather than change processes because of the tool are only a few reasons why they’ve chosen GNet Group to be working with them to make their planning & budgeting process more efficient and streamlined!

By mid-year, the entire packaged version 2 of the framework will be ready boasting more advanced models, modules, interfaces and configurations.   Keep your eyes peeled here for more updates to this framework and other GNet Group developments!

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