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Home Business Intelligence Analyzing Cancer Healthcare Data Incidence with PowerPivot

Analyzing Cancer Healthcare Data Incidence with PowerPivot


Author: Greg Beaumont

Healthcare organizations swim in an ocean of data. Analysts in both healthcare organizations and research must tie together multiple disparate data sources in order to integrate the data required for a comprehensive analysis of patient care and operations. Microsoft PowerPivot is a valuable Business Intelligence (BI) tool for tying such disparate data together for slice-and-dice, drill-down, cross-functional ad-hoc analysis.

In the 2 videos at the end of this blog entry, I use PowerPivot to analyze cancer incidence data downloaded from the CDC Wonder online database. The CDC Wonder databases can be accessed at this link.

See the videos after the jump:

I made this video to demonstrate the value of PowerPivot for both data analysis and data modeling. The cancer incidence data used in the video has inherent limitations due to a lack of dimensional depth, but is adequate for demonstrating the value of PowerPivot as a self-service BI tool:

Part 1:


Part 2:


Microsoft PowerPivot can be downloaded for free at the following link: http://www.powerpivot.com/

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