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The Case for Automation – Part 2


Last week, we posted an entry on the case for automation. Taking the idea of automation a little further, we are doing a webinar this week to present our case for automation of business processes. We encourage everyone to ask questions during the webinar, which will be answered during the Q&A session.

Organizations today spend a considerable amount of time communicating via email. Most of these emails drive business processes, but these processes are executed in bits and pieces because that’s the nature of an email conversation. Taking the same example of emails, we can translate these scenarios to multiple other forms of communication where business processes may not necessarily be executed from start to finish in one continuous process, but rather in bits and pieces. The case for automation calls for improving upon these execution steps for business processes, thereby improving efficiency. The goal of automation is to free up resources in order to focus on tasks that need more manual attention, rather than tasks that have a set process flow.

Check out our webinar on Wednesday, May 23rd to see:

  • How to create forms and applications using InfoPath 2010
  • How to create workflows (simple and complex) that can accommodate business processes
  • How forms and workflows work together within SharePoint
  • GNet Group’s SightN2 for Planning and Budgeting – a rich, robust, web-based solution utilizing SharePoint 2010 and InfoPath 2010
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