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Making Sense of All Those SharePoint lists


As the adoption of SharePoint grows across the enterprise, I’m sure all of us have faced the challenge of having to manage multiple SharePoint lists. We all use Outlook and Outlook calendars, but how do we manage all those SharePoint calendars from a single spot?

This article details step-by-step how to connect a SharePoint list to Outlook (http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/Blogs/GetThePoint/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=612). Although the main focus of the article is a SharePoint calendar, these steps will work for a contacts list, as well as any other list.

Since we all rely heavily on Outlook for our communication needs, the integration with a SharePoint list in a single spot helps a lot from a communication standpoint. I use this functionality quite often to keep a track of multiple project calendars, documents, list items, tasks and contacts.

Be sure to check out the links in the post, which have a detailed explanation on what content is supported for Outlook integration. Or you can click on this link to go to the article on Office.com directly (http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint-foundation-help/synchronize-sharepoint-2010-content-with-outlook-2010-HA101881295.aspx).

Stay tuned for more exciting blogs on how to make most of your SharePoint deployment!

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