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Home digital marketing A Great Partnership: Polaris, GNet Group, Microsoft and Webtrends Deliver Marketing Superiority

A Great Partnership: Polaris, GNet Group, Microsoft and Webtrends Deliver Marketing Superiority


In the last few years, a lot of buzz has been generated about Digital Marketing and how it is changing the way organizations engage with consumers. Even though Digital Marketing can have several different meanings depending on the audience, the core objective is to improve visitor and consumer engagement with the end goal of influencing conversions and sales.

Conversion is a well understood marketing goal; even so, marketers are all too familiar with the pitfalls associated with measuring and gathering insights on conversion and the influencers of conversion. With the surge of digital marketing platforms and channels, including websites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, online media ads, email and corporate social networks; the solution is also the challenge – data. The explosion in Digital Marketing platforms and channels has led to explosion of data, which is reported and analyzed using several different, siloed tools. Siloed reporting tools deliver similar metrics, but may have completely different meanings due to the scope and nature of the data and how it is captured. Yes, there is an abundance of information available; but can marketers really trust, use, and understand the impact their efforts are having on conversion and influencing sales?

It has never been more important for marketers to take the management of data seriously:

  • Unify and create consistent marketing data across multiple platforms and channels
  • Access, analyze, and gather insights to understand the impact of marketing activities on marketing objectives
  • Act on it: drive change in campaigns, spend, media and engagement to improve conversion

While some marketers may deem all of the above simple and others may consider them unrealistic, below are some materials on a the Polaris digital marketing success story that offers good insights on how focusing in on the basics and achieving them puts marketing into overdrive.

GNet Group, Microsoft, and Webtrends teamed up with Polaris Industries to address challenges related to integrating data from disparate marketing tools and deliver a Marketing BI solution using SightN2 for Digital Marketing.  Over the last 2 years, several presentations and case studies have been published documenting this success story.



While focusing on the fundamentals of data is one aspect of the case study(s), the other is “partnership”. With several different marketing tools required to run marketing campaigns and activities, marketers need solid partnerships to come through. A solid partnership is the foundation of this success. Each team contributed its different strengths to make this story a success:

  • Polaris’ web applications team had a clear vision and strategy for what they wanted to achieve in terms of consumer engagement and sales conversions.
  • Webtrends added its world class web analytics platform, marketing platform that provides visitor centric data from cross domain websites and allows for data exchange/integration with other third party tools.
  • GNet Group’s SightN2 for Digital Marketing solution helps to pull data from a variety of marketing platforms and tools to deliver actionable insights to marketers.
  • Microsoft technologies SharePoint and SQL Server were leveraged for this digital marketing solution; SharePoint 2007 www.polarisindustries.com, SharePoint 2010 Performance Point Services for delivering Marketing BI Dashboards, and SQL Server 2008 R2 (Integration Services, Database Services, Analysis Services and Reporting Services)

Because of the successful partnerships between Polaris, GNet Group, and Webtrends, Polaris is able to make impactful marketing decisions each day that influence conversions and increase sales.

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