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Automating Business Processes with SharePoint 2013 Event Recap


Thank you to all who attended our luncheon, “Automating Business Processes with SharePoint 2013,” in Dallas on Thursday, June 20th. We hope you took away some valuable information on how tools in SharePoint 2013, including Access Services, InfoPath, and Apps; can be leveraged to automate business processes.

In the event, we covered how to determine which business processes qualify for automation and what tools are best to use to complete the automation processes. Many examples of business process automation were presented through GNet Group’s customer case studies, giving the audience real life examples of how companies are utilizing SharePoint 2013 for business process automation. Some things to consider when determining what business processes to automate include if the process are manual and repeatable, subject to high error rates, time consuming tasks, or are dependent on someone else to complete.

Further, we reviewed the pros and cons of the business process automation tools in SharePoint 2013, and determined which situations calls for which tools. There are various levels of maturity to consider in process automation- some processes are simple to automate and can utilize Microsoft Access Services, while others are much more complex and require a significant amount of time to automate, requiring custom apps.

One of the questions asked during the event was where the databases created by publishing and Access Services app were stored.  By default the Application Database server is assigned to the same server as your configuration database server where your SharePoint_Config database is stored.  If you would like to change where your Access Services databases reside, this can be configured through SharePoint Central Administration in the Manage Access Services 2013 settings.  To understand exactly how this is accomplished, please see the Microsoft white paper below:

White Paper: Office 2013–Access Services Setup for an On-Premises Installation


If you are in the Minneapolis, MN area, we will be hosting this same event on August 14th. To learn more or register, click here.

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