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Microsoft Honors GNet Group with the 2013 Compete to Win Award


GNet Group was recently awarded Microsoft’s 2013 Central Region “Compete to Win” award at Microsoft’s World Partner Conference in Houston. The Compete to Win Award recognizes a Microsoft partner that has demonstrated a significant customer win in a compete situation. Our teams at the conference and in the Des Moines, Dallas and Minneapolis offices did some serious high fives when they got the news. GNet Group frequently wins Microsoft partner excellence awards, twice now in the Compete to Win category, and each one is an honor. Each is also a motivator for us to remain at the “top of our game” with Microsoft’s best of breed technologies. That means ongoing hard work by our teams across a number of business and technology fronts, from developing new skills with the latest innovations in the Microsoft stack and monitoring the evolutions in competitor offerings, to building out our strategic partnerships and continuously problem-solving on the business trends and issues challenging our shared customers.

In the coming weeks and months, GNet Group will be pursuing peak performance —as a partner to Microsoft and a partner to our customers —in key areas such as: Agile BI with SQL Server 2012, Business Process Automation with SharePoint 2013, and Master Data Management. In order for our customers to remain agile and responsive to today’s business challenges, we continue to provide competitive solutions that enable best practices and data-driven decision making thanks to our expertise in Microsoft technologies, specifically SQL Server 2012 and SharePoint 2013.

Winning the 2013 Central Region “Compete to Win” award brings us a lot of satisfaction because it sends a message to the marketplace of a partner job well done and spurs us to continue performing at peak levels.  We are motivated and look forward to providing more breakthrough and competitive Microsoft solutions to our customers.

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