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Getting Started with Business Process Automation


After a successful Business Process Automation with SharePoint 2013 event in Dallas in June, we are replicating the event in Minneapolis this week, August 14th. As we gear up for the event, it’s a good idea to examine the first step of Business Process Automation: identifying viable candidates!  Creating automated workflows tend to have a high return on investment, saving companies heaps of time and effort and helping improve accuracy. However, organizations often have trouble determining where to start. How are BPA candidates determined? What are some of the typical features to justify BPA?

Some key requirements for considering BPA are processes that are:

  • paper heavy
  • manual and repeatable
  • require manual duplication or manipulation of data
  • subject to “hanging” because it is waiting for someone to complete a step
  • routine tasks that are very time consuming
  • subject to high error rates

Candidates include new employee on-boarding, performance reviews, invoice approvals, claims processing, and IT requests. One process GNet Group has automated internally is the annual employee performance review process. This process was paper heavy and required multiple signatures, which made tracking and analysis difficult and caused delays. In order to streamline this process, we created a workflow using SharePoint 2013. Now, an employee automatically receives a notification when his/her annual review form needs to be filled out. Once completed, the manager and human resources director are notified and the review is performed. Thanks to the new streamlined workflow, employee reviews are automatically tracked, and the employee and managers have insights into performance improvements and regressions over time, saving employees a lot of time and effort. As a result, we now have a better understanding of employee performance and satisfaction, and can make insightful decisions when hiring and determining what motivates each employee.

What business processes should your company automate?


Here is our Business Process Automation with SharePoint 2013 presentation.

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