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Deliver on the Promise of Healthcare MDM


Healthcare organizations continue to be challenged by data governance. On one hand there is the legacy challenge of implementing data governance across multiple disparate systems, including those harboring hidden departmental applications. On the other hand, there are new and ongoing challenges presented by the complex requirements of the Affordable Care Act and other compliance mandates. Further, industry competition and citizen demand are pushing healthcare organizations to deliver accountable care, which necessitates data exchange, transparency, collaboration and coordination beyond organizational boundaries. A single view of healthcare master data – a strategic asset that ties together business process information and metrics –  is paramount to overcoming these challenges and marketplace pressures. To date, the promise of Master Data Management (MDM) has been out of reach for many in the industry, largely due to the high cost, time and efforts associated with initiating and maintain the discipline. Now, Profisee and GNet Group are teaming to break down the barriers to healthcare industry adoption of MDM through Profisee’s Healthcare model and GNet’s professional BI services


Healthcare MDM – Now Paramount and Within Reach

MDM has progressively gained favor and adoption within the healthcare space – recognized as a strategic IT investment that can deliver significant business and operational benefit.  In brief, a successful MDM initiative:

  1. Enables reliable analytics and process optimization to improve quality of care
  2. Greatly reduces cost of reporting and permits delivery of consistent and accurate reports/metrics
  3. Improves decision making as it helps organizations to go from truth to trust

However, despite these recognized benefits, many healthcare organizations find it difficult to start an MDM initiative successfully as it requires considerable time and effort to build and create a healthcare master data model from scratch. Without a positive start, the outlook for follow-on solution building, roll-out, management etc., is dimmed or, worse, doomed.


Jumpstart Your MDM Initiative with Maestro Healthcare

The overall picture – from initiation to core business activity – is brighter.  Through years of experience, Profisee has created an MDM model specifically for healthcare using its leading MDM product, Maestro. Out of the box, Maestro Healthcare is a model that is designed to deliver a single view of Patient, Physician, Plan, Drug, Location, DRG Code, ICD 9 to 10 Mapping metrics and much more. By leveraging Profisee’s pre-built healthcare model, we have seen customers jumpstart and launch MDM COEs in a matter of 6-8 weeks, resulting in savings in time and money. One Profisee healthcare customer, New Directions Behavioral Health, will present a case study of how it uses MDM and Maestro Healthcare at this week’s Healthcare BI Summit in Minneapolis, MN.

We recognize the need for organizations to make data governance and MDM a core business activity run and managed by you, and we hope this post gives you some insights on how to jumpstart your healthcare MDM initiative and give you the reins to a successful MDM center of excellence.

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