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10 Part Q&A: Agile BI Today and Beyond


Knowledge and Information Technology.

We can’t think of a single successful business today that doesn’t pursue and derive strength from these.  Certainly knowledge and information technology are at the core of our profession.  What’s interesting is that they are essential to undertaking as well as making BI initiatives work. It’s a path that requires understanding and effective use of technology from the beginning and along the way. Because BI is dynamic – with data, models and technologies in a continual state of motion and change – it means that companies must be in learning mode all the time. Helping companies keep up the pace of learning and change is a big part of what we do at GNet.

This 10 Part Q&A on Agile BI with Neelesh Raheja , VP of Consulting Services,  helps  explain why BI agility is top of mind and top of the agenda with providers and businesses these days, and what GNet’s approach to Agile BI is about.

We’re a company deeply committed to learning, tell us what you think about Neelesh’s insights and share your own thoughts about Agile BI! 

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