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Business Agility: There’s a lot at stake


Promoting and facilitating business agility, primarily the business intelligence dimension, is central to what we do for our customers.  We engage on it at every level, from C-level execs to the user community. This is because throughout the day someone or some group among them is making a decision that impacts the company’s ability to compete and survive. For a business to garner real and sustained benefits from BI, it requires an inclusive and bridge-building approach to people. It is also important to look more broadly at what’s at stake. We do. It is not just the business itself, but people’s jobs and careers.

Forrester’s Le Clair presents a convincing case for business agility in this recent blog “Make Business Agility A Key Corporate Attribute- It Could be What Saves You.” It includes a  discussion of the dimensions that shape organizational business agility (including knowledge dissemination, change management and BI), the need to understand how to be agile in those areas, execute on them in an agile way, and measure those endeavors.

It makes sense to us that his post is directed at the C-level, but we think it deserves even wider readership. Give it a read here.

GNet Group’s Agile BI Approach Using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Presentation

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