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BI is not just for Big Dogs anymore


In the last 18 months, we’ve shared and learned a lot while hosting GNet Group Agile BI events across the Central Region.  Last week’s event in Minneapolis was our 10th in the series! One thing in particular that stands out about attendance at these events is the variety of company sizes. It’s exciting to witness and support this widened marketplace, including through our Agile BI Quick Start Program. Whether it’s a Fortune 100 examining how to build out its mission-critical data warehouse, or a small retailer looking to better target its market through data consolidation and analytics, both types of companies are there to reach the same end goal: gain insights from the data they own in order to make better business decisions. What sets them apart is the journey. 

Most enterprise organizations today are already on their BI journey with a focus on adding to and adapting pre-existing BI strategies, implementations and programs. SMBs have only recently joined the BI conversation and begun the journey. The barrier to entry into BI has come down for SMBs. That’s right; BI is not just for Big Dogs anymore. Some of the factors contributing to the lowered barrier include: BI software and tools are more affordable and easier to use, many best practices are documented/accessible and more vendors are catering to SMB needs, including getting them started with BI on a limited scale. Furthermore, we believe (and feedback at our events indicates) that SMBs starting off with BI today are at a bigger advantage than larger companies were a decade or so ago.  SMBs making an early start with BI and combining it with an agile approach will find many of the historically challenging aspects of the discipline to be eliminated or far less difficult to take on, these include: managing skills development and training, defining business requirements and creating a long term vision. For information about the GNet Group Agile BI Quick Start Program click here http://gnetgroup.com/services_agilebi.aspx or contact: sales@gnetgroup.com.

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