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GNet Helping to Build Up Local Microsoft Skills


Last Thursday, June 26, GNet Group held its first Technical Training Event for the Minneapolis Microsoft user community. We’ve been hosting similar events in the Dallas community for several years now, and helping to build the local workforce there through skills building. We think it’s incredibly important to share our knowledge and skills with the local community, and build the community up as a whole. 

Last week’s session focused on ETL Implementation with SQL Server Integration Services. BI reporting and the ETL processes that support it are critical to providing decision makers with the information they need to maintain and improve business performance, successfully scale up as their businesses grow, and identify and implement new business initiatives and strategies.

Microsoft BI and data management technologies address the conditions and need of today’s enterprise IT environment, including:

o    Multiple and heterogeneous data sources (end to end integration, complete/fast pulls)

o    High volumes of data and changing data (shrinking batch window, high scalability, speed, real-time)

o    Need for high-performance data transfers (fast, error-free)

As we learned in the training session, SSIS provides a number of specific benefits for extracting data from multiple and heterogeneous data sources. SSIS also provides a number of specific benefits for meeting the requirements of high-volume ETL.

Thank you to everyone who attended the SSIS presentation, we had some really great questions and engagement throughout the entire training session.

As promised during the training session, we have the presentation and sample codes to share with you. Here is the PPT deck from the session: SSIS Technical Training Deck.

And sample code: SSIS Demo and Examples. This link contains:

  • BI User Group SSIS.pptx – Presentation, Contacts and References
  • SSIS_Package_Execute_TSQL_Sync.sql – Example of executing SSIS package via TSQL synchronously
  • SSIS_deploy_Silent.txt – Example if silent deployment of SSIS project with ISDeploymentWizard.exe
  • CDC_Setup_n_Test.sql – Examples of Enabling/Disabling CDC and querying changed data
  • SSIS_Demo.sln – VS12 Solution used in demonstrations
  •    SSIS_Demo.dtproj – SSIS_Demo project used in demo of deployment
  •             Blocking_Demo.dtsx – 3 different approaches to Data Flow design when Join between 2 tables need to occur
  •            ScriptAggregation.dtsx – How to perform aggregations with script component referencing package variables from within Data Flow
  •            CDC_Sample.dtsx – demo of CDC Splitter Transformation
  •      oData Source Demo.dtproj – Demonstration of oData source. This being kept separately because unless you install oData data source components, you will have problems deploying the project.
  •            oData Source Demo.dtsx – Sample Data Flow with oData data source

Thank you to all those who attended this training session. We look forward to conducting another session next quarter. If you have any thoughts or ideas on topics or skills that we can share with the community, we are all ears!

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