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Self-Service BI is Not DIY

Increasing numbers of companies are pursuing self-service BI to enable their business users to personalize solutions and make data-driven decisions without having to rely on IT. Yet, the industry success rate in this arena is low. Why is this? Choosing the right tool is partly the issue, but the biggest differentiators between companies that fail and those that succeed with self-service BI is knowing where and how to effectively deploy it as a business solution.


Just say no to DIY


As our customers will testify, self-service BI needs to be a strategic undertaking (it is not a “DIY project” for users or the organization) and requires cross-team collaboration (it is not an opportunity to wholly disengage IT or downscale your Corp BI). To realize the value of self-service BI and make it relevant to your business, you need expert advice on the buy plus coaching to develop and hone your skills and, most important, to ensure your initiative strikes the right balance between the freedom/empowerment sought and the data governance that must be applied.

Emerging as the industry standout is Microsoft’s Power BI, highlighted in our post Power BI Packs a Punch, which now offers benefits of the cloud through integration with Office 365. We’re helping the marketplace discover Power BI’s rich features and capabilities and how to take advantage of it in the right ways through Power BI events and our Power BI Quick Start Program. We’ve got an event in one week in Minneapolis – if you’re local and want to see this in action, I’d encourage you to sign-up today and come check it out! Highlights will include:

  • Strategy discussion on defining objectives and problems to be solved; understanding user types and requirements; setting processes, policies and service levels
  • GNet Group customer success stories with Power BI
  • A guided self-service BI scenario, from initially importing the data to an end-product dashboard using Office 365 and SharePoint Online
  • An overview of key features and considerations when migrating data elements to the Cloud with Office 365
  • GNet Group’s Power BI Quick Start Program, and how it can promptly deliver an initial BI solution affordably, and within 2-3 weeks!

If you can’t make next week’s Minneapolis event, we will be featuring Power BI at many future events, including a luncheon in Dallas, TX on August 21. We hope to share the power of Power BI with you soon!

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