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Nihilent Technologies Delivers New Generation Abstraction Platform


GNet Group, a subsidiary of Nihilent Technologies, is proud to announce the recent launch of its next-generation semantic intelligence engine for data mining of key data from large numbers of legal documents. This Abstraction Platform is the result of a partnership between Nihilent Technologies and Brightleaf Solutions, Inc and adds an important dimension of using unstructured data to GNet Group’s existing BI capabilities.

“This joint effort has yielded new thinking about an old problem: how do you get meaningful data from unstructured, English language legal documents and ensure the results are accurate and reliable. Today’s delivery of v1.0 of our new abstraction platform is the result of that.” Stated Samir Bhatia, CEO of Brightleaf Solutions.

Abhay Ghate, Chief Technology Officer for Nihilent Technologies said “We have a lot of experience with language parsing and using it to build structured databases. Brightleaf showed us how to apply that to legal documents which use precise language and are often lengthy and complex. It’s quite different than extracting data from written forms or other textural documents such as corporate reports, books, or news stories.”

Bhatia continued “Brightleaf’s new semantic intelligence engine is rule-based so we can modify and tune it for specific document types, thus gaining the quality and consistency that only comes with automation. Combining this technology with an extensive people-based quality control process yields results that meet the most stringent quality requirements.”

Looking to the future, Nihilent and GNet Group continue to innovate to bridge the gap between our client’s business requirements and the latest technologies.

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