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Home Business Intelligence 7 Ways Businesses Can Apply Machine Learning to CRM and Boost Sales

7 Ways Businesses Can Apply Machine Learning to CRM and Boost Sales


Today’s customer relationship management (CRM) solutions offer a wealth of information and opportunities, if your people know how to access and use it. Businesses that apply machine learning to CRM are able to target their audience, identify buying behaviors, and breathe new life into sales. Learn how to put CRM data to good use and grow sales with intelligent CRM.

Your sales representatives might have a ‘good feeling’ as to which products customers are most interested in, and your marketers can have a ‘good feeling’ about their next campaign; however, best guesses don’t drive profits. Download the infographic, “7 Ways to Grow Sales with Intelligent CRM,” for quick insight into what your prospects and customers are thinking, then leverage that insight to boost sales. Learn more about these seven tips:

  1. Zero in on prospects: Use CRM to analyze customer data to predict buying behaviors and focus on the marketing tactics most enticing to prospects.
  2. Collaborate to increase sales: Sharing customer data amongst departments can identify new opportunities to increase cross-sales and up-sales.
  3. Score leads: By scoring leads, your sales team can focus on the opportunities most likely to win sales in the shortest amount of time.
  4. Identify trends: Evaluate historic and current sales to identify trends in buying behaviors, then leverage this insight to take advantage of new opportunities.
  5. Fine-tune marketing efforts: Analyze customer behaviors and responses from previous marketing campaigns to determine which efforts attract the most attention and generate the most leads. Fine tune those efforts to improve the campaign results and fill up the sales pipeline.
  6. Strengthen forecasts: Assess past wins and losses to improve forecasting by individual or the entire sales team.
  7. Use social networks: Learn more about your customers by connecting to popular social networking sites, then use that data to strengthen customer interactions.

Although years of experience can provide marketing and sales teams with a good indication of what captures the attention of your customers, you need good data to make data-driven decisions. A powerful CRM solution can provide reliable information about prospects, customers, and marketing efforts that you can use to improve sales. Download the infographic and contact GNet Group for more information about increasing sales with the support of intelligent CRM.

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