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Learn More About Your Customers to Target Prospects More Effectively


Understanding each customer’s needs and demands can provide insight to target prospects with greater efficiency. Harness the data within your customer relationship management (CRM) solution to identify the prospects most likely to buy, with the marketing tactics that are most likely to improve their engagement and experience.

There are many more ways to reach out and engage customers than ever before. In addition to traditional advertising methods, such as print, TV, and billboards; there are online avenues, including numerous social media networks and digital advertising. Businesses quickly find that taking advantage of every possible marketing and advertising opportunity can become cost prohibitive. Don’t waste time or money on marketing efforts that aren’t delivering results. Download this infographic, “7 Ways to Grow Sales with Intelligent CRM,” to discover how CRM can provide the information you need to fine-tune marketing efforts by targeting prospects more effectively.

How Can You Use All That Data as a Strategic Advantage?

An integrated CRM solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, offers the ability to capture and analyze volumes of data about customers, sales, and marketing efforts. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers business intelligence and reporting features to simplify how you can identify trends within these vast data sets. You can evaluate customer records and focus on demographical data, such as what types of customers are most likely to purchase your products or services. Analyzing sales data can also highlight interesting trends about products, like those that may be increasing in popularity or products with more regional or seasonal trends. In addition, CRM can be used to monitor marketing activities, indicating which types of activities and campaigns attract the attention of more prospects, resulting in more reliable leads. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you listen to what customers are saying on social media sites, providing another level of rich data that can be used in your marketing.

Zeroing in on the marketing activities that have attracted customers in the past can provide the insight you need to refine tactics and capture the attention of similar prospects, as well as save money in the process. Download the infographic and contact GNet Group for more information about understanding your customers better and using this information to target prospects with greater efficiency and accuracy.

By GNet Group, a Gold Microsoft Partner with offices in Minnesota, Texas, Iowa, Pennsylvania and India

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