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Learn What Makes Your Customers Tick by Evaluating Purchase Trends


While each customer can be unique, with specific product preferences, price points, or delivery schedules; their buying behaviors can highlight trends. By evaluating purchase trends amongst your entire customer base, you can uncover new ways to improve marketing, boost sales, take advantage of new opportunities, and respond faster to deviations in strategic plans.

Getting to know customer needs and preferences is necessary for creating targeted marketing campaigns that capture their attention and delivering the personalized services that keep them coming back. While this information can strengthen customer relationships, it can also be used on a much larger level. Download “7 Ways to Grow Sales with Intelligent CRM,” to see how this information can also be used to spot trends and improve marketing and sales activities.

Using Knowledge to Capture, Close and Capitalize

An integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, can capture a great deal of information about customers including key contacts, locations, specifications, and other requirements. Each customer account can also include details about historical and current purchases, such as the types or quantities of products that customer has ordered, shipping details, and price schedules. In addition, communications and documents can also be connected to the customer account. While this data can strengthen customer relationships, it can also provide the end-to-end insight needed to identify trends in customer buying behaviors, as well as the marketing activities that have—and will continue to—capture their attention.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers built-in business intelligence and reporting features that you can use to spot purchase trends across your entire customer base. Evaluating historic and current sales will highlight popular products and product lines, regional or seasonal trends, as well as individual or team sales success. You can also identify trends within marketing campaigns and discover which activities and campaigns result in the strongest leads or those that work best for a particular product or customer demographic. The more you can learn about what inspires a response with a new prospect or existing customer, the more you can capitalize on these interactions.

Identifying trends within your data will strengthen customer relationships, marketing activities, and sales. Download the infographic and contact GNet Group to learn how to Microsoft Dynamics CRM can provide the information you need to spot trends and leverage your information as a competitive advantage.

By GNet Group, a Gold Microsoft Partner with offices in Minnesota, Texas, Iowa and India

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