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Improve Marketing Campaigns and Sales with Intelligent CRM


Marketing and advertising is expensive, especially with so many new ways to reach out to prospects and engage customers. Control costs and get the results you expect from your marketing dollars by applying predictive analytics to the data within your customer relationship management (CRM) solution. By turning your data into actionable insight, you can improve marketing results and increase sales.

Many businesses rely on multi-channel marketing to attract new prospects and keep existing customers coming back. Taking advantage of a variety of methods to share a message or a promotion can put your business in front of a lot of people; however, it can also get expensive. Download “7 Ways to Grow Sales with Intelligent CRM,” an infographic, to learn how modern technology can pave the way for more effective marketing campaigns and save you both time and money.

Launch, Measure and Analyze your way to Marketing Success

A robust CRM solution, like Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, offers a reliable platform for launching marketing campaigns and capturing customer-specific information. As you launch a new marketing campaign, you can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to capture information about activities and responses and automate the entire lead to opportunity process. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also provides built-in business intelligence, charts and reporting features that make it easier to tie prospect and customer responses to specific marketing efforts.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Long-Term Marketing Success

Evaluating the responses from customer and prospect interactions can highlight trends in campaigns or special promotions which you can then use to make improvements. You may find, for example, that certain demographics prefer online marketing efforts over print or that certain products benefit from special promotions launched at certain times of the year or in specific regions. Equally important for improved marketing tactics is evaluating historical wins and losses. Learning why a lead goes cold, or a sale is lost, is just as important as identifying which efforts result in strong sales.

Analyzing marketing and sales information using predictive analytics within a powerful CRM solution can improve marketing efforts, which can then lead to stronger sales. Download the infographic and contact GNet Group to learn how to use intelligent CRM to improve marketing campaigns and increase sales.

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