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Connect Sales Representatives with Data to Turn More Leads into Sales


Your marketing and sales teams can respond faster and more accurately to both prospects and customers when connected to relevant data. Bridge the gap between your people and the customer data that they need with a robust customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Armed with the right data, at the right time, your team can strengthen customer relationships and boost sales.

Many sales professionals have their own methods for gathering and analyzing customer data. While they may understand many of the unique needs of their assigned customers, that data is not easily available to peers, the marketing department, or managers. As a result, it can be difficult to understand which sales tactics and marketing efforts are most effective or which services are strengthening customer relationships. Download this infographic, “7 Ways to Grow Sales with Intelligent CRM,” to learn how CRM can arm your sales and marketing teams with the right data to collaboratively increase leads and generate more sales.

Enhance Social and Mobile Opportunities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Today’s CRM solutions connect marketing and sales processes with other core business data. A centralized solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, offers an easy way for your sales team to enter, access, and analyze customer-centric data and for marketers to gain insight into specific marketing and advertising metrics. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can also connect to popular social networking sites, providing a new opportunity to listen in to what customers are saying about your business or products, while also providing a new platform to attract and engage new prospects or existing customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers mobility, necessary for the sales representatives that spend more time out of the office than in it. When meeting with customers at the office or prospects at a conference, your mobile sales team can access product specifications, promotional offers and price schedules to quickly respond to inquiries and provide up-to-date information. As noted on the infographic, sales representatives can improve win rates up to 8% when armed with reliable data.

Connect your sales and marketing teams with the data they need to be successful. Download the infographic and contact GNet Group for more information about using CRM to strengthen customer relationships, engage prospects, and turn more leads into sales.

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