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How Businesses can Harness Intelligent CRM to Optimize Marketing and Sales Efforts


Are you looking for a new way to breathe new life into marketing and sales activities? Provide your marketing and sales teams with the rich, reliable data they need to attract new prospects and engage customers. An integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solution offers an easier way to enter, access, and use the data your team needs to improve marketing efforts, identify leads, and close more sales.

The key to improving marketing and sales results is in your data, IF you can access it. Modern CRM solutions can get you closer to the data needed so you can fine-tune marketing campaigns and learn what is really driving your customers. Download this infographic, “7 Ways to Grow Sales with Intelligent CRM,” to learn how you can optimize marketing and sales with a powerful, Intelligent CRM solution.

  1. Get to know prospects: Analyze customer responses to marketing and track buying behaviors within your CRM solution to better predict which prospects are most likely to be interested in your products or services.
  2. Encourage teamwork: Coordinating information between marketing, sales, customer service, and other departments can uncover new information to improve cross-sales and up-sales.
  3. Prioritize leads: Not all leads will turn into a sale. Score leads and prioritize prospects so your sales teams are focused on the opportunities most likely produce results.
  4. Identify buying behaviors: Business intelligence features in CRM can highlight sales trends within customer buying behaviors. Learn what customers are most interested in and which customer service activities initiate a purchase.
  5. Improve marketing tactics: Determine which types of marketing activities attract the attention of prospects or customers, and result in solid leads. Fine-tune other efforts to make a greater impact.
  6. Develop forecasting accuracy: Understanding how leads turn to sales, or why and where they fail, can provide greater insight and strengthen sales forecasts.
  7. Tap into social networks: Connect to popular social networking sites to deliver even more data to your sales team, engage with customers, and monitor both your customer and competitor conversations.

When you are able to access and analyze the data your business generates each day, you can use it to optimize marketing activities and increase sales. Download the infographic and contact GNet Group for more information about using intelligent CRM to drive sales and business growth.

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