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Above: GNet Group’s SightN2 for Healthcare is a Business Intelligence solution that provides a standardized foundation for the integration of healthcare information into a data warehouse for interactive, intuitive dashboards and reports that can become the foundation for unified data within a Business Intelligence solution that exists completely withing a Microsoft SQL Server Environment. The solution is designed to integrate data that most hospitals already report to the United States Department of Health and Human Services Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. With GNet Group’s blended agile and classic approach to data warehouse design and development, the Solution can then become the framework and foundation of a data warehouse customized to build a single source of reporting truth.

Above: As a capstone to the FAA Wildlife Strike Data series, this video demonstrates the use of a Microsoft tabular data model for the creation of a motion scatter chart in SQL Server 2012. Links to the entire series can be found at the GNet Group blog at http://blog.gnetgroup.com/bi/2012/06/18/video-power-view-bi-motion-charts-in-sql-2012-with-faa-aircraft-wildlife-strike-data/ .

Above: On January 15th, 2009 the news media was focused upon a passenger plane that had safely completed a water-landing after both engines had been disabled by a flock of Canadian Geese. Known as the “Miracle On The Hudson,” all 155 occupants survived. While airborne birds have long been a nemesis of aircraft, the publicity of this incident most likely piqued interest in the topic for many people. Fortunately, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) provides data in a format that can be integrated into a Microsoft BI dashboard using PowerPivot.

Above: As a capstone to a series of articles using PowerPivot with Fukushima Incident data, this video demonstrates the ease with which flat file raw data can be integrated, modeled, and deployed for an Excel 2010 dashboard using PowerPivot. If you have experience with Excel 2010, you can follow along with this video to create a Business Intelligence dashboard with slice-and-dice filters. This demonstration will use real Department of Energy Fukushima Incident data from Data.Gov.

Above: Get the most out of DAX & PowerPivot for SQL Server 2012:
In this presentation we will cover how new functionality in PowerPivot for SQL Server 2012 supports personal, team and organizational BI. We will demonstrate standard DAX formulas for handling time intelligence, many-to-many relationships and security. We will also cover hierarchies, KPIs and PowerPivot visualizations so you are equipped to get started answering business analytics questions.

Paul Doyle is a BI Consultant with GNet Group, where he has helped customers in manufacturing, retail and insurance industries successfully implement enterprise data warehouse solutions and self-service BI. With 11+ years of development experience with SQL Server and PerformancePoint. He was a contributing author of the Microsoft white paper, “Empowering Enterprise Solutions with SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition” & AppDev courseware “Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services “

Greg Beaumont is a BI Consultant with GNet Group specializing in BI statistics (BI Six Sigma Control Chart Analysis, BI Pareto Analysis, etc) with a focus in the healthcare, operations, and government verticals.

Above: Watch GNet Group’s Anand Pandya and Chaitanya Khaladkar present how to leverage SharePoint 2010 as a strategic platform for forms and workflows!

Above: This video uses Microsoft PowerPivot to analyze cancer incidence data downloaded from the CDC Wonder online database. PowerPivot can be used to tie together disparate data sources for ad-hoc analysis and data modeling.

Above: Watch GNet Group’s Anand Pandya show how you can drive efficiencies through effective planning and budgeting with Microsoft SharePoint 2010!

Above: Watch GNet Group’s Anand Pandya show you how you can measure the effectiveness of digital marketing with the GNet Group Digital Marketing Dashboard Framework!

Above: In this video, the second installment of a series spotlighting some of the upgrades that can be found in PerformancePoint 2010 Dashboard Designer, GNet Group’s Greg Beaumont will use the new pie charts to walk you through the use of the Series, Bottom Axis, and Background dimension and value placements for analytic chart building.

Above: PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer 2010 features several upgrades in comparison to the 2007 edition. Watch GNet Group’s Greg Beaumont show how to filter and sort grids and charts with the ease of a new WYSIWYG interface for web parts to be published to a SharePoint 2010 dashboard.

Above: A Pareto Chart, which can be used to visualize the Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule), can be created in Excel 2010 for display with slice and dice capabilities on a SharePoint 2010 dashboard. Using an Analysis Services cube built with AdventureWorks data, watch GNet Group’s Greg Beaumont construct a Pareto Chart for publication using Excel Services. Also learn how to add a parameter so that the Pareto Chart can be sliced and diced using a PerformancePoint filter.

Above: An introduction to the new Geospatial Mapping features in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. Learn how to use a query to build a map using the intuitive features of SQL Server 2008 R2.